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Will suboxon show up as an opiate on a drug test for employment? i have to pee clean or i will not be hired!

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Dr. Ricardo Borrego answered

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Not unless checking: Suboxone contains a synthetic narcotic which will not show up on a routine drug test for work unless specifically being looked for. Shouldn't you reveal you are on outpatient treatment with suboxone? What happens when your employer learns of your lack of upfront honesty?

Answered 5/2/2013


Dr. Amy Deeken answered

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Probably not.: It depends on the lab and how extensive of a drug screen. Routine drug screens do not pick up Suboxone because it is a synthetic opioid. However, if the employer pays for a more extensive drug screen than just routine and Suboxone is a drug they specifically test for, then it will be positive depending on the timing of your last dose. Suboxone is long-acting to prevent withdrawl symptoms.

Answered 2/18/2015



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