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Is clonidine dangerous if you don't have high bp? i was given for anxiety and take now while being weaned off morphine. if take 3 a day i'm dizzy.

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Potentially: A side effect of clonidine is dizziness so this could be a safety issue if it causes you to have falls or accidents. It does have a role in pain and stopping it abruptly wouldn't be a good idea with a pain syndrome. Recommend you discuss these side effects with your doctor to work out a plan re your ongoing meds. All the best.

Answered 7/21/2017


Dr. Levan Atanelov answered

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See your doc: It's standard to take clonidine for weaning off opiates. Speak about your side effect of dizziness (common ) to your prescriber as there may be other options .

Answered 7/25/2017


Dr. Jack Underwood answered

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Yes & no plus.: Clonidine is not dangerous with normal BP, but can cause dizziness which you are having on three tablets daily. The mg. of each tablet is an unknown, but a decrease to two tablets is the first step with the dizziness sympton.. Klonopin is an addictive medication which shouldn't be taken unless safer medications have failed. Sertraline is my first choice with Klonopin being my fifth choice.

Answered 1/28/2021



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