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Is it possible to have a stroke while on warfarin? my last inr was 2.08.

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Dr. Paul Sucgang answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Yes. It's possible.: There are two types of strokes. Hemorrhagic and Thromboembolic. Hemorrhagic strokes can occur with the use of blood thinners secondary to decreased effectiveness of clotting factors. Please visit the ER within 2 hours of suspicious onset of weakness or disorientation.

Answered 12/29/2016


Dr. Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay answered

Specializes in Hospital-based practice

Yes, but good INR: Warfarin REDUCES the risk of stroke in certain conditions (atrial fibrillation) but it does NOT ELIMINATE it. There are medications which perform better than warfarin in risk reduction - talk to your doctor / cardiologist about that. The higher the INR, the lower the risk of stroke but the higher the risk of bleeding, so an INR 2-3 is targeted. It's impossible to keep it narrower than that 4 other

Answered 1/4/2017



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