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I have uc. i take humira (adalimumab) bi weekly but still have active colitis. wants me to do weekly humira (adalimumab). how much more does this suppress your immune system?

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Dr. Julien Fahed answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

It does suppress it: In general, when someone takes humira (adalimumab) more frequently, their immune system will theoretically be more affected. That being said, no more tests will be needed. Also, one should assess the risk and the benefit of any intervention, because every intervention carries risk with it. Humira (adalimumab) here is trying to postpone the need for surgery.

Answered 3/28/2016


Dr. Thomas Namey answered

Specializes in Rheumatology

Somewhat more!: But weekly doses are sometimes needed!

Answered 10/23/2017



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