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I am taking clomid, (clomiphene) i am 7 days late and my pregnancy test was ngative. i always had a positive ovulation test , it was day 14. what could this mean?

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Dr. Allen Morgan answered

Specializes in Fertility Medicine

Clomid (clomiphene) / late period: When women take clomid, (clomiphene) sometimes their ovary makes extra PROGESTERONE AND ITS TAKES LONGER FOR THE PROGESTERONE LEVELS TO DECLINE WHICH CAUSES A LATE ONSET OF A MENSTRUAL FLOW. IT IS COMMON.

Answered 11/10/2017


Dr. Dennis Higginbotham answered

Specializes in American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Anovulation: If you do not have a period and have a negative pregnancy test then the most likely reason is that you just did not ovulate in this particular cycle. It would be appropriate to consider repeating the clomid (clomiphene) for a new cycle. Good luck.

Answered 6/11/2017



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