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I have heard minoxidil is not permenant in terms of hair restoration. will i be able to undertake prp (plasma rich .....) after stop taking minoxidil?

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YES YOU CAN: There is no contraindication to you goig for PRP after you have used Minoxidil which as you say is not permanent in terms of hait restoration But check out as there are mixed reviews about effectiveness of prp injections in the scalp It is not FDA approved therapy for hair loss as it was never submitted for FDA Approval

Answered 9/27/2016



PRP Anytime: PRP can be used anytime so long as you have good platelets- it does not matter if you are or are not using minoxidil. However, I recommend using everything- PRP, Hair Helmets, Nutrafol supplement, Propecia, etc. In my clinic we use the Eclipse system and we do the PRP injections every month for 4 months then every 6 months.

Answered 12/19/2018



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