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My husband had tumor removed from foot (nscl). he received radiation on foot and brain and chemo last mri showed suspected reoccurrence what options?

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Dr. Liawaty Ho answered

Specializes in Hematology and Oncology

Where at?: Where is the suspected reoccurence? Is it in the brain? Or somewhere else?If confirmed, chemotherapy would likely be the case . Nsclc is a very general term. There are different types of lung cancer under the umbrella of nsclc. Nowadays, treatment is personalized and would depend on the molecular profiling of the cancer. You need to make sure that you know about this. Discuss w/ oncologist.

Answered 3/30/2013


Dr. Aasim Sehbai answered

Specializes in Medical Oncology

Recurrence in brain: This is not a very good scenario with recurrence in brain after radiation already given to brain. May consult radiation oncologist again to see if more radiation is possible or else better to start focusing on palliative measures like hospice care.

Answered 12/27/2014



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