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A 45-year-old member asked:

What exercises help or hinder a torn meniscus?

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Dr. Maxim Tyorkin
Sports Medicine 22 years experience
None: There is no exercise that helps a meniscus tear. Cutting activities or deep squats would make a meniscus tear more painful.
Dr. Glen Kelley
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 38 years experience
Exercise little help: A torn meniscus of the knee causes irritation inside the joint which gives us pain and swelling. Unfortunately, torn menisci typically do not heal since torn cartilage does not heal back together. Most people have arthroscopic surgery to have the torn section trimmed out. Exercise within the pain free range is ok to maintain strength but will not help it to heal.
Dr. Scott Wenger
Sports Medicine 24 years experience
Be Mindful: Depends on your age, degree of symptoms or pain, and degree of arthritis. Many meniscus tears may be minimal in terms of pain, and so a quadriceps and hamstring strengthening program which avoids impact may be beneficial. However, if the tear is associated with significant pain, swelling or instability, arthroscopic meniscectomy should be considered, especially in the absence of arthritic change.
Dr. Thomas Kennedy
Orthopedic Surgery 43 years experience
None specifically: Although appropriate exercises directed by your physician are important as part of the rehabilitative process, there are no known exercises which have been shown to improve healing of a meniscus tear. Deep squats can place extra stress on the meniscus and could impede healing. Unfortunately vary few meniscal tears are likely to heal without treatment (usually surgery).

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A 38-year-old member asked:

I have a torn meniscus, what are the exercises to avoid?

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Dr. David Trettin
Orthopedic Surgery 34 years experience
Squats,lunges etc.: If u have a torn meniscus than you should have your knee 'scoped' before you do further damage to your knee;things to avoid in the meantime include any activities which involve turning, twisting, pivoting or squatting on the affected side...I.E.Squats , lunges etc.(leg press, hamstring curls, ex.Bike, hip exercises should be O.K.)see your ors for further guidance.Best of luck!
A 46-year-old male asked:

How does ice help with a torn Meniscus?

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Dr. Peter Ihle
Orthopedic Surgery 55 years experience
It does not! If you-: -just injured it you may use ice to help with the swelling & pain, but it only is for symptomatic relief. They do not heal only get torn more every time it catches or gives way. For definitive care see a fellowship trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon.

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Last updated Feb 6, 2020

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