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A 51-year-old member asked:

What are the long term side effects of lisinopril?

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Dr. Rodney Samaan
Cardiology 19 years experience
High potassium: Its a great drug and i write it often, but u need to check for high potassium occ. Some people's also can develop a chronic cough.
Dr. Vasudev Ananthram
Cardiology 33 years experience
Overall safe: Most common is a nuisance cough. Most serious is swelling of lips and throat which can cause breathing difficulties. Rash can occur. There may be a worsening of kidney function rarely if you have blockage in blood vessels to both kidneys. Sometimes it can also cause high potassium. Overall it is a safe, inexpensive and very useful medicine!

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A 31-year-old member asked:

Are there any long term side effects of taking zestril (lisinopril)?

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Dr. David Fein
Specializes in Preventive Medicine
Not really: Zestril (lisinopril) is a very commonly prescribed medication for high blood pressure, and is very effective for blood pressure control. Although less than 10% of patients will experience side effects, the two most common are: light-headedness and cough.
Austin, TX
A 23-year-old male asked:

How long do sexual side effects of lisinopril last after discontinuing?

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Dr. George Mathew
Cardiology 59 years experience
Next day: If it is due to Lisinopril , next day.
A 44-year-old member asked:

How about side effects of prinivil (lisinopril)?

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Dr. Kevin Griffiths
Specializes in Nephrology and Dialysis
Cough: Prinivil (lisinopril) is part of a drug class called an ace inhibitor. The more common side effects associated with this medicine is cough and a mild elevation in potassium. More side effects are angioedema (swelling of your tongure and larynx area) and renal failure.

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Does Benicar (olmesartan) have fewer side effects than lisinopril?
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Last updated Jun 17, 2021
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