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I work late i change and transfer patients. and i get back pain in the middle of my back and when i go home i go straight to bed, what can help me?

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Dr. Christopher Dowd answered

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Try these: Here are some suggestions: do regular core strengthening exercises. You want to try to share some of the load that your back is taking with other muscles. Stretch before and after work. Ensure you're using proper posture--especially as your shift progresses and you may be focused on other things. Consider some physical therapy.

Answered 2/3/2012



Review lifting.: Transferring patients is a tough job. The first thing that i would suggest is to review the proper techniques for transferring patients. This may require your to work with a physical therapist who can help you with safe lifting and transferring techniques. I have seen small women transfer large man and they do not hurt themselves because they learn really effective techniques.

Answered 4/1/2012



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