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What kind of specialist should i see about back pain?

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Take your pick!: If a primary doctor's care isn't helpful; because the spine has nerves, neurologists and neurosurgeons can help. Because it has bones and muscles, spinal orthopedic surgeons and physical medicine doctors have expertise. Because treatment may involve strong pain medicine or injections, pain management doctors who may be anesthesiologists or interventional radiologists evaluate can treat.

Answered 8/2/2013


Dr. Brian Le answered

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Back pain: The back pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement ... The treatment depends on the cause of the pain. If your pain persists, you should seek help from a doctor such as pain specialist, physiatrist or spine surgeon. You might benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

Answered 12/10/2013



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