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Common causes of tailbone pain?

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Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

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Many: There are many possible causes for pain of the tailbone (coccyx) including trauma from childbirth or falling, degenerative joint disease, tumor, & sitting for a prolonged period on a hard surface. If this is a chronic issue it is best to have it evaluated by your physician.

Answered 5/16/2019



See below: The tailbone or "coccyx" is the small trail of bones that connect to the end of your sacrum, and form the end of your spine. A painful tailbone can come from several things. Trauma to the tailbone which might occur with a fall. An abnormally positioned tailbone that is under stress with prolonged siting, and in very rare cases abnormal growths can occur on the tailbone.

Answered 2/1/2019



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