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My family and i have develop small very itchy pimple all over our body?

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Dr. Rita Corona answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Rash: Depends on where you all have been and been exposed to. It's probably an allergic type reaction even as simple as new detergent or soap. If noone has any fevers or other symptoms you can probably try some cortisone cream and see if helps.

Answered 12/24/2012


Dr. Kenneth Lee answered

Specializes in Surgery - Plastics

Dermatitis: Sounds like a contact dermatitis- which is similar to a allergic reaction to a substance. These can be solved with removing the offending substance. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) may also help.

Answered 6/20/2015


Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Eval needed: These lesions need to be visualized & a history needs to be obtained in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Answered 10/29/2017



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