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How much percentage of genetics play in determining height. i am male 21 height is 5 3.5.father height 5.7 mother 4.9. people tease me.sucide & guilty?

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Dr. Su Fairchild answered

Specializes in Integrative Medicine

Much: Genetics and nutrition can affect height. Your mother is short, so you may not be as tall as your father. Love yourself as you are and develop your character and strengths as a person. Let your inner beauty be such that people appreciate and value you.

Answered 12/23/2012


Dr. Pamela Pappas answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Please see doctor: You sound very uncomfortable about things you cannot change -- like your height, which to a great degree is genetically determined, and at 21 is unlikely to change. (the growth plates in most people's bones are closed by that time.) in this & other questions you have mentioned suicide, guilty, etc. Please see a doctor for treatment as soon as possible -- a psychiatrist can help you with this.

Answered 5/3/2016



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