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How long is it necessary to refrain from long distance flying before and after a bilateral inguinal hernia?

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Dr. Wendell Goins answered

Specializes in Vascular Surgery

It depends: We usually recommend that patients refrain from flying long distances after major surgery, one of the risks include the development of deep venous thrombosis (esp in the lower extremities). I usually ask that they wait a month, although there are no definitive studies that support that. When I have had patients that have to travel i will sometimes recommend sub-cutaneous injections with Lovenox (enoxaparin)

Answered 9/14/2015


Dr. David Earle answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Right away: You should be able to return to all activities, including flying, as tolerated by pain. You may not be able to carry heavy luggage, but check with your surgeon for your specific case. Best of luck.

Answered 12/22/2012



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