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Can you take topomax with depakote for mood disorders?

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Yes,but: The two meds have been used together for numerous epileptic patients, and have minimal drug-drug interactions, and Depakote blood levels can guide dosing. Side effect profile is biggest issue. Topamax: memory and speech, kidney stones, narrow angle glaucoma, metabolic acidosis. Depakote: weight gain(maybe mitigated by topamax), hair loss, tremors, ovarian cysts, pancreatitis, osteoporosis, etc.

Answered 8/8/2017


Dr. Alan Ali answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Topamax/Depakote: If doses are therapeutic & monitored by your doc., no significant adverse interactions exist. At high doses, some alteration in potency of both might occur but is insignificant.

Answered 12/11/2012



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