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What is the definition or description of: ent and head and neck surgery?

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ENT: Stands for ear nose and throat. An ENT is also called an otolaryngologist.

Answered 4/20/2017


Dr. Edward Hellman answered

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Ear, nose, throat: Ent stands for ears, nose and throat. Ent is one of the specialties that does surgery on the head and neck, but there are other structures in the head and neck as well, including the brain(neurosurgery), the spine, the eyes, and the mouth, etc. So there really multiple specialties that do surgery in the region of the head and neck. Thank you for your question.

Answered 12/26/2022


Dr. Anifat Balogun answered

Specializes in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery

ENT & Head and Neck: Also known as otolaryngology, this medical specialty deals with the diagnosis and (medical & surgical) management of diseases of the ears, nose, mouth, throat, neck, sinuses, voice box and face. Some areas of expertise in otolaryngology include voice and swallowing problems, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, allergy, hearing and balance disorders, nasal and sinus disorders, sleep apnea.

Answered 9/5/2020


Dr. Tod Haller answered

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ENT: Ear nose @ throat... Also known as otolaryngologists. They deal with ears, nose, and throats. They also take care of sinuses, tonsils, vocal cords, etc.

Answered 4/20/2017


Dr. Louis Gallia answered

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Otolaryngology: The specialty can be called ENT, otolaryngolgoy, head and neck surgery. Covers the entire head and neck outside of the brain and eyes, and spinal cord.

Answered 4/20/2017



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