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How do i know if i have a vaginal infection? it's been over 3 years and i've noticed a large amount of a white, slimy, liquid in my underwear. i don't know if it's normal, or a type of infection?

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Dr. Kristina Adams waldorf answered

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The : The best way to answer this question is to have your doctor do a vaginal wet mount test. This test requires a swab of vaginal fluid and the doctor looks at it under the microscope. The ph of the vaginal fluid is also tested. The test helps to determine if you have bacterial vaginosis, yeast, trichomonas (a sexually transmitted disease), or normal discharge. For answers to more of your gynecology questions, see our website and click on articles or patient forms and handouts: www.Uwmedicine.Org\gynecology.

Answered 10/3/2016



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