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A member asked:

why does it hurt when i bite down on my crown? i got my first crown two weeks ago, and since then, whenever i bite down on it, i feel pain. at first i thought it was just because it's new, but it doesn't seem like i should be feeling pain a couple weeks l

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Dr. Michael Wollock
Dentistry 29 years experience
Omaha, No, : Omaha, no, this is not normal. It could be slightly high upon placement and just needs a small adjustment all the to having an infection needing root canal therapy. You need to give your dentist an opportunity to evaluate the cause and find a solution. Hope this is helpful, michael i. Wollock, dmd, agd fellow dentistry at suburban square 610-649-0313 www.Dentistryatsuburbansquare.Com.
Dr. Gary Sandler
Dentistry 54 years experience
Please : Please visit your dentist asap. It may just need a simple bite adjustment. Often patients say that their "bite is fine" at the time of their visit in the dentists office. However, they may be numb from an injection and not be able to really judge whether or not they are biting normally. Sometimes they tend to keep biting on their new dental work, making their tooth sore and sensitive. Occassionally, a nerve in the tooth becomes sensitive after dental work and will just take time to quiet down. However, the worse thing that you can do is to just wait and take a chance of letting what could have been a simple remedy as a bite adjustment, turn into something more serious and more costly (as root canal therapy) from not having it attended to early. Be smart and see your dentist as soon as possible.
Dr. Jonathan Stone
Dentistry 30 years experience
You : You probably have seen this answer already, but it most likely is because the bite is 'high' on the crown. A simple bite adjustment by your dentist will take care of it. If it is still painfull about a day or so after the bite adjustment, more may be going on.
Dr. Neil McLeod
Prosthodontics 49 years experience
YOU : You should call your dentist before the end of the day let him know that you are having discomfort and he should see you immediately to evaluate the problem. It sound s as though the crown is a little high in the "bite" or possibly when you grind from side to side. But it needs adjusting and evaluating. When a crown is high the abnormal pressure of the tooth striking first before the other teeth commonly causes pain from the jarring of the excess pressure. It can have some serious consequences if left untreated. Dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.
Dr. Alan Zweig
Dentistry 45 years experience
You : You shouldnt have pain upon biting. Does the crown feel high? That is; does it feel as if you hit harder on it than your other teeth, or that you hit it first? Do you feel the crown rubbing when you move your jaw from side to side or forward? In most instances you would most likely just need a bite adjustment. If you had a somewhat damaged nerve to begin with it is possilble that the nerve has died and that you need endodontic treatment (root canal).

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Dr. Rhett Griggs
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Yes: Pain immediately after is painful however long term pain is not unless something is going on.
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Dr. Stephen Rodrigues
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Dr. Ellen Turner
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Dr. Alan Patterson
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Dr. Bennett Machanic
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Last updated Dec 24, 2018

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