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A 34-year-old member asked:

How can someone who has had a triple bypass surgery still die of a heart attack?

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Dr. Luke Hermann
Emergency Medicine 26 years experience
Blocked blood vessel: A bypass surgery basically provides new plumbing for the heart, adding new pipes to carry blood because the old pipes are blocked. Unfortunately, the same problems that caused blockages in the old pipes can affect the new ones, causing blockages in the bypass blood vessels. These blockages in turn can lead to a heart attack.
Dr. Daniel Engelman
Specializes in Thoracic Surgery
Multiple reasons: Either one of the bypass grafts had closed or an area of the heart that hadn't received a bypass graft can still get a heart attack.
Dr. Steven Ajluni
Cardiology 36 years experience
Secondary prevention: By 10 years after bypass, there is a 50% risk of having experienced closure of one or more vein grafts . Bypass is not a cure. Atherosclerosis is an ongoing problem and requires lifelong treatment of risk factors.

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A 39-year-old member asked:

How can bypass surgery help after someone has already had a heart attack?

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Dr. Scott Mackinnon
Anesthesiology 34 years experience
CABG after MI: Bypass is often done after heart attack. Many times there is still "viable tissue" that is susceptible to further insult(and worse outcome) that may be saved by revascularization. Also, the heart attack may involve one artery in the heart yet the other arteries have disease that must be bypassed or there may be another heart attack with a much worse outcome.

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