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What is a good home remedy for a skin abscess? i have a swelling on my right shoulder that is colored red and is painful upon touching it. it has been there for about one week now. having researched it on the internet, i believe it is a skin abscess. what

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Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

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I : I am answering this three days after you posed this question and ten days after your problem began. A skin abscess usually starts as a red, painful area under the skin. It will gradually become harder and more consolidated. You may not be able to see a pocket of pus in the center. If your have an abcess there is a good possiblity that you need to see a doctor to have an incision and drainage procedure done. If you have something that is more like a pimple, that is likely to go away on it's own. I can not tell what you have by the description.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Ryan Phasouk answered

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Boil: Boils are referred to as abscesses, in the medical community. They can occur from breaks in the skin, which provide a route of infection for bacteria to form an abscess (collection of pus/infection). When this happens, you may need to see a medical provider who may need to prescribe you antibiotics or incise and drain the abscess. Some home remedies may include a warm compress and ibuprofen.

Answered 5/16/2014



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