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A female asked:

i am 39 and i want to get pregnat this year, do i need to cherk up my self medically? i have a child 13 years ago, and since then, i have not get another one, but now am ready to, so with my age is their any delay?

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Dr. Kenneth Gelman
Fertility Medicine 39 years experience
Absolutely : Absolutely you need to be checked.The suggested tests will includ an amh level, day 3 fsh and an antral follicle count.Your specialist will be very familiar with these tests.
Dr. Michael Opsahl
Fertility Medicine 43 years experience
Fertility : Fertility declines with age, so get a check now. I have several general comments regarding fertility statistics. We believe that the fertility rate averages about 20% per cycle (month), in young women. If we start with 100 couples and each month 20% conceive then at the end of 12 months, 92% will be pregnant. We find that about 10-13% of the population will not be pregnant after 12 months of trying. By 24 months less than 1% of normal couples fail to conceive. Fertility drops with age. Fertility rates in the us are about 147/1000 women at age 25-30 and they fall to about 13/1000 women by age 40. So, don't delay for more than 6 months before getting a consultation with a fertility specialist. We have tests to help us understand what might prevent you from getting pregnant. I believe that making a diagnosis is required to have a discussion about treatment. The wrong treatment can be costly and delay success. You will need tests for ovulation, anatomy (uterus and tubes), egg quality and sperm quality. Important advice for women over 40 please get your physician to determine your fertility potential. Common tests for this include an ultrasound for antral follicle count and blood levels of fsh and amh. I plan to add health guides on these topics to my profile soon. If you have borderline tests then get started immediately and if the tests are abnormal then carefully consider the implications of treatment. Why rei fertility specialist consider ivf early for older women most people believe that ivf is the last treatment that they would ever consider but that has really changed in the last 10 years. Ivf is actually the most successful treatment that we have - period, hands down. Ivf is not always needed but it is also not the most expensive treatment in many cases. You can spend more money on low success rate treatments in an effort to avoid ivf. We can often provide "refund guarantee" financing for ivf; which means that if you do not have a live baby then you will get a refund of most of your money! (disclaimer - this option may not be offered to older women or it may be too expensive.) ivf success rates vary from center to center and you should check the outcomes for the centers available to you. The following web links will take you to publicly available data. All ivf centers are required to publish their outcomes but the published data is about 2 years old because we have to wait for deliveries and then for the data to be formatted for publication. Society for assisted reproductive technologies (sart): www.Sart.Org centers for disease control (cdc): http://www.Cdc.Gov/art/index.Htm fertility success rates: http://fertilitysuccessrates.Com/ is a web site that takes the cdc stats and compares them. Ivf centers are prohibited from making direct comparisons themselves. These resources will help fill in the information that I do not include in this answer. The data available are from 2009. The national average live born delivery rate based on all treatment cycles started is 12.6% for women aged 41 - 42.99 and 4.2% for women aged 43 and older. You should look at this data for your purpose because it includes everyone who tries ivf, whether they had an embryo transfer or not. I should also include for completeness that you can become pregnant using the eggs of a younger woman (donor egg ivf), if your own eggs prove to be poor quality. Donor egg ivf is very successful with success rates as high as 75-80% per try. Summary i suggest that you have a consultation with an ivf specialist who can suggest some tests to determine your potential for success. You do not have much time so please seek help sooner than later. Best of luck.
Dr. Tom Pousti
Specializes in Plastic Surgery
Check with Gyn.: Best to seek consultation with a well trained/experienced ob/gyn physician. He/she will be able to discuss any additional risks that your age may expose you to. This can only be done accurately after a complete history and physical. Best wishes.

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It varies: It can take weeks to months, but you may be able to get pregnant again before your next period comes, so be careful or have fun depending....
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How might an emergency room doctor treat a child's nosebleed?

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I am pregnant, what things will my dentist look for?

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Everything as usual: Make sure you are doing more for your oral hygiene, and stay up on your dental work so that you do not have avoidable dental concerns along the way. A good cleaning is important to get you started. Congrats with the new baby.
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Dr. Vance Harris
Family Medicine 37 years experience
Not Likely: Tubal ligations are not 100% effective. If the tubal ligation was done at delivery it may be a little less effective. Never say never in medicine. I have a patient who became pregnant many years after her tubal ligation. It is always a possibility although not as likely.Tubal ligations are generally 99% effective.

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Last updated Oct 4, 2016

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