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Constant lower left abdominal pain...what could it be? i have had dull lower left abdominal pain for the past few weeks, and haven't thought anything of it. lately, it's becoming more painful and happening more frequently (i have had the pain nonstop for

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Your : Your posted question would require more information. First, are you male or female and what age? What associated symptoms such as bowel habits, urinary symptoms, fever, etc. A plain film x-ray is very limited in terms of diagnosis. Does the pain radiate to the back? A few possibilities in terms of the left lower abdomen could include diverticulitis, kidney stone, urinary tract infect, ovarian cyst or torsion if female, hernia to be the more common etiologies. Much more information would help to narrow the possibilities down. Hope this helps some, feel free to post more specifics including associated symptoms, factors that improve or worsen your pain, as this would help paint a better picture of your ailment.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Creighton Wright answered

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Unclear: As a female, there are tubes, ovaries, colon, small bowel, bladder, ureters in that area and any can have an issue. Seek attention.

Answered 2/21/2014



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