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Why does it feels like i can barely swallow and it feels like i got something stuck in my throat. i know i have been constipated i can't get food to go down and my esophagus getting real tight sometimes

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Dyspagia : Dyspagia (difficulty swallowing) is a worrisome symptom and warrants medical evaluation right away. Please schedule a visit with your doctor. You will likely need a special test called a barium swallow or an endoscopy. These tests will allow the doctor to visualize your upper GI tract including your esophagus in hopes of finding out why you are having difficulty swallowing. In addition you will be evaluated for possible allergies, and even acid reflux as a cause. Please see your doctor as soon as possible. Good luck.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Bruce Weisbrot answered

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Get to the Dr. immed: It could simply be constipation causing this symptom but it could also be a tumor in your esophagus or a bowel obstruction, you need to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy right away! i recently had a very good friend die because he ignored the same type of symptoms until he couldn't even swallow liquids. He had a tumor in his esophagus that spread throughout his body. A horrible way to die.

Answered 7/31/2014



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