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Dermatology 1) at an annual full-body skin check, should my dermatologist check my scalp? she never does. 2) should a dermatologist charge for an office visit just to remove the stitches after surgery in which she removed a minor skin lesion?

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Your : Your scalp should always be checked in a skin examination. Usually the cost of removing stitches is included in the global fee so you can ask the office manager about that.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Arthur Balin answered

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1) yes 2)depends: 1) full skin exams include the scalp 2) there would be no charge for removing the stitches but if the doctor had to discuss the diagnosis or explain the results and make a follow up plan an office visit could be charged.

Answered 3/29/2014



Yes and depends: A full body skin exam includes the scalp. If the doctor does not check the scalp just remind them to next time. If it's only suture removal and nothing else then it's included in the global period of the visit. But if the patient requires additional education and materials about wound care, infection, scar treatment, and other questions then an office visit might be charged.

Answered 3/30/2013


Dr. Glynis Ablon answered

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1)every part of your: body including your scalp should be checked. And 2) suture removal is part of the surgical procedure so it is typically not charged. But if a biopsy was done with a stitch then a follow-up visit with suture removal would be charged

Answered 8/17/2014



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