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Is it normal to pass large clots of blood during my period? usually my menstrual cycle starts out light and then is very heavy for about 2 days. the blood is so heavy that trying to use a tampon is useless. during those days, i have rather large blood c

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Your : Your periods sound very heavy. No, it is not normal to pass large clots. I don't know your age, but there are stages of life when periods do get heavier. If you are passing large clots, then you need a gynecological evaluation. Be sure that you are up to date on your pap smear. If you have lightheadedness, fainting, or are soaking greater than 3 pads an hour, then you need emergency evaluation.

Answered 12/9/2018



Not normal: If a tampon is being "pushed out" within 15 minutes by heavy bleeding or clots, this is not normal. A GYN MD exam is needed to find out why the bleeding is so heavy and obtain testing for anemia.

Answered 12/11/2018



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