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I had a steady head ake & ringing in my ears 4 at least a month & a pain/discomfort in my neck 4 past few weeks what should do? also noticed several small lumps on my neck & a thumb nail sized lump on my right for arm.where the one on my arm is no discomf

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I'm : I'm sorry to hear your dilemma. At the least you should obtain a neurologic evaluation. If the skin lesions are intermittent, then take a picture of the lesions so they can be shown to the doctor. Make sure to document other systemic symptoms (i.e. Fever, chills, weight loss), hearing loss, and how often you urinate in a 24 hour period. Good luck.

Answered 10/3/2016



Medical Exam: You list signs and symptoms that need further examination by your medical doctor. He will most likely order some blood work and do a full physical exam. The information you give is limited so the first step is to call your md as soon as possible.

Answered 3/25/2013



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