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Does a successful lung transplant completely get rid of the lung problems for cystic fibrosis patients?

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Yes: A successful double lung transplant gets rid of pulmonary problems for cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. However, all of the other CF issues persist (chronic sinusitis, pancreatic insufficiency, fertility issues, diabetes). The average five year survival for patients who have CF who undergo transplant is around 55-65%.

Answered 12/28/2016


Dr. William Walsh answered

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It may: Or you could trade one set of problems for another - even successful lung transplants eventually develop obliterative bronchiolitis after a period of time. Be sure that you meet some post transplant patients who are successful, and compare your quality of life to theirs - if your treatment regimen is oppressive and your lung function is bad enough, you may be better of after a transplant.

Answered 3/3/2012


Dr. Amrita Dosanjh answered

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CF: A successful lung transplantation will treat CF lung disease, but not other aspects of the disease, such as sinus disease. A patient will still have cf, but typically will not have to continue their usual CF medications for the treatment of lung disease/ the sinusitis associated with CF can predispose the patient to possible infections with pseudomonas. The first year rate of success is around 90%.

Answered 6/10/2014


Dr. Richard Roberts answered

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Unfortunately, no.: some cases of cystic fibrosis are much more serious than others – some affect the liver as well as lungs. The Cystic Fibrosis Association warns that transplantation may add years, but it is not a cure.

Answered 6/21/2015



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