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Hello sir, i am worried about my liver. bilirubin is 0.8 but alt - 244, ast - 146, aklaline phosphatase is 118, and ggt is 186, ( protin, albumin, glob?

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Dr. Alvin Lin answered

Talk to your doctor: Whenever you're concerned about test results, talk to your ordering physician about how to interpret the results and what needs to be done next. When it comes to abnormal liver function tests, we worry about infections, medications, body fat, gallbladder stones & biliary tract obstruction. Ask your doc to review your meds, check for hepatitis & order a liver ultrasound. And get rid of beer gut.

Answered 11/2/2014



See your doctor: These numbers are elevated and indicate that something is injurying the liver. This could be a virus or other cause. Your doctor should check further to see why your tests are elevated.

Answered 12/14/2015



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