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I'm on omeorazole and my blood work showed i had mildly low calcium and potassium. what should i do? i'm also on benicar and toprol (metoprolol)

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Dr. Jesus Yap answered

Stop Omeprazole: Stop Omeprazole and recheck your blood test. Continue Benicar and toprol (metoprolol).

Answered 6/30/2014



Hypertension at 18?: Your main problem is not with your calcium and potassium, it is your having hypertension (h) at 18. How long ago did you start your bpmeds? Did the physician consider a secondary cause for your h, such as a renal artery stenosis or conn's syndrome? I suggest you go to your physician (p) and ask the p to consider other causes for your h. It one is found, and treated, you may not need hbp meds.

Answered 7/27/2013



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