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What's the best treatment for lice?

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Lice shampoo!: Lice are small, ovoid insects that are visible to the naked eye. They vary in color. They can be curable, but it takes some work. See your doctor for diagnosis and proper medication. Your doctor will give you instructions how to use the medication, what to look for, and how to recheck to make sure the infestation is gone. Please see the link: www.Cdc.Gov/parasites/lice/head/treatment.Html.

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Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

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Tx: Tx of lice requires accurate identification of nits & / or lice. A pediculicide is usually used- otc like nix (permethrin) or rid or prescription meds like lindane or malathion. Work carefully through hair & remove individual nits. Purchase a special lice nit comb to aid you. Check for nits & remove as seen over the next 7 to 10 days. If there are nits after 7 to 10 days – a 2nd pediculicide tx may be needed.

Answered 5/24/2013



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