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What is the development of a 3 year old like as far as developmental milestones?

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Becoming a little pe: Most three year olds can run, climb, jump, pedal a tricycle, help dress and completely undress themselves, fedd themselves, speak in sentences and follow most directions. Most are toilet trained or able to be trained. They have a sense of humor and want to try to do most things by themselves before seeking extra help.

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Dr. Johanna Fricke answered

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The list is too long: for this format. See HealthyChildren.org. Some are: Dress independently in "pull-on" clothes Exhibit pretend play with peers, taking turns & working out differences verbally; Play simple board games; Say name & age; follow 3-step commands; Draw a circle & a person with 2-4 body parts; know 3 colors, numbers & shapes; pedal a trike; identify feelings; Speak in 4-5 word sentences; follow rules.

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