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A 35-year-old member asked:

Is there an optimal pattern of breathing when you have obstructive airway disease?

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Dr. Frank Mayo
Pulmonary Critical Care 49 years experience
Pursed lip breathing: Pts with COPD who practice pursed lip breathing keep their airways open a little longer allowing more air into the lung. Most COPD pts learn this technique early on in their disease course.
Dr. Anna Meyer
Pediatric ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 20 years experience
Not likely: I'm not totally sure what you mean, but obstructive airway disease is by definition not an optimal pattern of breathing. If you mean whether there are ways to sleep or position yourself, then some people have improved symptoms sleeping on their sides. However, if you have a sleep study showing obstructive sleep apnea, treatment is indicated.Slee.
Dr. Robert Ryan
Dentistry 51 years experience
Yes: An 'optimal pattern' is regularly spaced inhalation and exhalation, whether awake or asleep. Obstructive sleep apnea tends to cause 'crescendo' breathing, ofter accompanies by periods of apnea ('no breath'). Consult with your physician to see if a sleep study might be indicated. If so, you might get relief simply by using an oral appliance, or may need a CPAP machine to help you.
Dr. Joshua Rosenthal
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 19 years experience
Hmm: There are different characteristics that make one persons sleep apnea better than another's, but there is no optimal pattern. Apneas are already abnormal breathing patterns.

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A 47-year-old member asked:

Please help! what is the optimal pattern of breathing for patient with obstructive airway disease?

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Dr. Alvaro Aranda
Pulmonology 36 years experience
Any: There is no optimal patters. Breath normally & at times hold breath X few seconds & blow out through your moth partially close as in blowing a balloon. It will help ypur respiratory muscles. By keeping a slow pattern will oxygenated without causing acid-base problems

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