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Is there a picture of the skin rash caused by west niles virus? i have 3 round spots that look like cigarette burn and each one has a few extremely small red dots that after 2 weeks have now gotten as big as the original one.

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West Nile Virus: Go to the following web site on west nile virus to see the skin rash caused by this virus. http://www.bccdc.ca/nr/rdonlyres/683e7fcb-d2bc-4d06-bdd2-cbf1b5d81e7e/0/wnv_characteristicsoftherashassociatedwithwestnilefever.pdf.

Answered 9/6/2012


Dr. Jay Bradley answered

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Rash: Your description does not sound like west nile virus. It is difficult to guess based on your description but lyme disease could fit. You need to see an eye doctor as soon as possible for further evaluation and to ensure proper treatment.

Answered 8/28/2013



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