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A 32-year-old member asked:

How much should the average twelve year old weight?

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Dr. James Ferguson
Pediatrics 47 years experience
88 for M/96 Female : The average weight for a male or female based on nchs graphs is 88lb/male & 96lb for female. The range within lower 3% and top 3% is 66-143lb female and 66-140lb male.

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A 40-year-old member asked:

What is the average weight of a 5 2" 12 year old?

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Dr. Valencia Porter
Holistic Medicine 22 years experience
Look at wt for ht: The average weight of the entire nation and western world has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. What might be more useful would be what a healthy weight would be. Look at the bmi (body mass index) which takes into account height and weight and gives a range of "normal" these also exist for the pediatric population http://apps.Nccd.Cdc.Gov/dnpabmi/.
A female asked:

Whats the average weight for a 12 year old feta that is 5'2?

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Dr. Johanna Fricke
Pediatrics - Developmental and Behavioral 51 years experience
For a 12-year-old: female, a height of 62" is 75th%ile; a weight of 75th%ile is 110 lbs. However, a BMI in the 25th-75th %ile range is normal. Calculate this at http://nccd.cdc.gov/dnpabmi/calculator.aspx. The result is accompanied by a statement that says whether her BMI is in the underweight, normal, overweight or obese range. Seek medical attention accordingly.

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Last updated Oct 3, 2016

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