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A 47-year-old member asked:

What are the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency?

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Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus
Holistic Medicine 51 years experience
B12 for red cells: Many people are B12 deficient. It's an important nutrient in red blood cell and nerve development. Symptoms of deficiency include: weakness, fast heart beat, pale skin, easy bruising, tingling or numbness in fingers and toes, difficulty walking, depression, memory loss and dementia. A significant factor in causes of this deficiency is the use of acid-reducing drugs for gerd.
Dr. Martin Rubenstein
Hematology and Oncology 46 years experience
Yes.: Pernicious anemia is the most common reason for unexpected B12 deficiency. Lack of B12 can cause both anemia and neurological damage. The latter includes numbness, gait problems, and dementia. Anemia causes weakness. The neurological findings can occur before there is any anemia, or vice versa. The anemia will reverse with treatment. Neurologic changes may not correct.
Dr. Heidi Fowler
Psychiatry 26 years experience
Vit B 12 Deficiency: Lack of Vit B 12 can lead to Hypocobalaminemia. This can cause a slow degration of the spinal cord & brain. Problems may include: swollen tongue, anemia, sense of numbness & tingling in extremities, weakness, fatigue, problems walking, jaundice, depression, irritability, memory decline, cognitive dulling & eventually mania &/or psychosis.

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A 36-year-old member asked:

How can I cure vitamin B12 deficiency?

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Dr. Naheed Akhter
Obstetrics and Gynecology 54 years experience
Yes: Yes . Their is treatment for it.
A 29-year-old member asked:

What are signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency?

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Dr. Alan Ali
Dr. Alan Alianswered
Psychiatry 33 years experience
B12 deficiency: Mental confusion, headaches, impulsivity, paranoia, pins & needles in extremeties, balance problems.
Dr. Alan Ali
Dr. Alan Ali commented
Psychiatry 33 years experience
Provided original answer
Yes, it can be hereditary
Nov 15, 2012
A 44-year-old member asked:

Who is at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency?

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Dr. Bryan Levey
Pediatrics 28 years experience
Many: The classic B12 deficient people are severe alcoholics and vegan type vegetarians. Obviously, the reason for the deficiency is different in the two groups. Vegans simply don't eat enough B12 containing foods. Alcoholics are a bit more complicated than that.
Dr. Jeffrey Kass
Podiatry 29 years experience
Diabetics taking metformin should be monitored as well as this is a reported side effect of the medication.
Sep 29, 2012
A 40-year-old member asked:

What are the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency?

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Dr. Bryan Levey
Pediatrics 28 years experience
Anemia is main: There are many symptoms of B12 deficiency. The most prominent is a type of anemia where your red blood cells are decreased in number, increased in size, and decreased in color. Since they are not normal, they do not carry oxygen like they're supposed to. As B12 deficiency worsens, the anemia gets worse and you get weaker and sicker. You also have trouble with thinking and brain function, etc..
A 47-year-old member asked:

Can having vitamin B12 deficiency cause OCD symptoms?

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Dr. Lynne Weixel
Clinical Psychology 37 years experience
Not at all likely: Almost no chance of a direct link, but... We do know that: 1) the b vitamins are important to nervous system functioning. 2) B12 can make a noticeable difference in how good one feels. 3) deficiencies are (by definition) good to correct. So, do try to improve your diet and even supplement nutrients that are hard to get enough of. See a professional for ocd treatment too.
Last updated Sep 28, 2020
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