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What is reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

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Now CRPS: Complex regional pain syndrome, formerly rsd, is a pain syndrome, usually occurring in an arm or leg after an injury, but lasting much longer than would be normal for that type of injury. It typically has a component of redness or swelling and is described as burning or aching. There is also no obvious damage to a specific nerve that doctors can find. The cause is not clearly understood.

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A nerve disorder: Rsd is a progressive disease characterized by pain, swelling, color and temperature changes in an extremity (usually arm or leg). It is caused by impaired functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Patients can loose function of the affected extremity and it can spread to the unaffected side. Symptoms often manifest after a previous traumatic injury to the area. Treatment is multi-modal.

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Myofascial!!: See my new view file. All pain issue start out as simple tissues disease. If no therapy is offer the pain will sear into the tissues and alter the harmony leading to complex pain disease. Like tn, crps etc. Myofascial therapy is with hand-on techniques or needle therapy. I like acupuncture.

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Rsd: Please read below - all the answers are correct and give you a good indication of how difficult rsd now crps really is

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