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What are the symptoms of reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

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RSD: Rsd is an old term for a condition now called complex regional pain syndrome . This begins with some type of injury, often a minor one. There is a great deal of pain as well as swelling in the involved limb, sensitivity to even light touch and abnormalities in sweating of the affected extremity. The condition is poorly understood. The mainstay of treatment is aggressive physical therapy.

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Burning pain: Burning pain in the limb. Very sensitive pain to even ligh touch. Pain pattern does not follow a dermatome pattern. Color changes. Osteoperosis. Sweating or dry skin changes. Hair loss or hair changes. There are differences in changes over time.

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RSD symptoms: The most common symptoms of RSD include: Allodynia: painful response to non-painful stimulation. Vasomotor symptoms: skin color & temperature changes. Sudomotor symptoms: sweat pattern abnormalities. Trophic symptoms: abnormal skin, hair & nail growth.

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