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Allergy attack already taking zyrtec, for 1 week been waking up with itchy eyes, mainly right eye is red and swollen, having eczema flare ups all over body,, cannot take benadryl during the day i am driving. lips are chapped and swollen, itchy. usually

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Dr. Nayana Trivedi answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Needs Face to face: EXAM by the Physician. Or Video Consult via health Tap Prime. You may need Stronger Treatment than just Anti Histaminic . e.g. Oral or Injectable Steroids. Or may be Topical Steroids if very localized Eczema Flare up.

Answered 4/12/2017


Dr. Erine Kupetsky answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

See a derm: sorry to hear you are going through this. it sounds like you may be allergic to zyrtec. Have you tried allegra, (fexofenadine) which is not sedating?

Answered 1/16/2015



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