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17 wk old niece head circumference is on 99th percentile.50th percentile for height and weight. is this a problem? her mother has quite a large head.

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Dr. Jeffrey Juchau answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

No: this is not a problem. Head size is often in a different percentile than other body parts. My daughters baby is currently doing the same thing as did her baby before that.

Answered 9/12/2017


Dr. Joseph Oh answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Probably fine: It's fine for an infant to have a large head, as long as it stays at a fairly constant percentile. It's only when heads grow or shrink too quickly that the child should be evaluated further. Make sure to talk with ur baby's pediatrician if u r concerned.

Answered 10/25/2014


Dr. William Singer answered

Specializes in Pediatric Neurology

Maybe: There is a condition of familial macrocephaly (big head). Her pediatreician should be keeping a head circumference chart. The growth rate recorded on the chart is an indication of health or concern.

Answered 4/2/2015



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