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Opa Locka, FL
A 37-year-old female asked:

What can help your hormones balance

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Dr. Stephen Southard
Internal Medicine 16 years experience
It depends: On what may be causing the imbalance. Some imbalances require hormones to be supplemented like in an underactive thyroid(hypothyroidism). Otherwise if you have no pathologic hormonal issue, just live healthy. That means make sure you eat healthy, make sure your weight is reasonable, sleep well, remain active and keep up good social supports.
Dr. Steven Ferguson
General Practice 36 years experience
What's deficient: deeg4, 50 years old, asked: What's hormone balance therapy? kekec1, 43 years old, asked: What exactly is hormone replacement therapy? ewaveskl, 37 years old, asked: At what age can people start hormone replacement therapy? The distinction would be made between hormone replacement therapy and natural hormone replacement therapy. In hormone replacement therapy the concept is that you are using synthetic hormones to replace what's deficient in the patient. In natural hormone therapy the concept is you're using bio identical hormones to replace what's deficient in the patient. Bio identical suggesting the hormone is identical to the hormone you already have in your body for example progesterone is naturally made in our bodies. Where as progestin (found to have significant negative consequences in the very large women's health initiative study) is a synthetically made chemical that's similar but by no means the same as progesterone, which we naturally have in our body. We have multiple hormones in our body ,the ones associated with hormone balancing commonly are: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol. Women of any age can have a hormone imbalance. The most common symptoms we often associate with hormone imbalance are night sweats and hot flashes. People don't often think of an irregular painful menstruation cycle as being a hormone imbalance but this is just something that goes along with having a menstrual cycle. Both of these conditions represent a hormone imbalance. Women have suffered too long with hormone imbalance symptoms that can be corrected or significantly improved upon with natural hormone balancing.

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Last updated Sep 25, 2016

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