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What is krokodil?

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Desomorphine: also called krokodil is a powerful morphine derivative, it is about ten times more potent than morphine. There is no accepted medical use for desomorphine in the U.S and it has been controlled in the U.S. since 1936. For more information or help talk to your PCP.

Answered 9/18/2014



Semisynthetic opiate: Krokodil is the name given to a variety of semi-synthetic opiates derived from over-the-counter codeine preparations, primarily in Russia. It is combined with a variety of volatile products like paint-thinner, laquers and many other toxic substances to produce a chemical called desomorphine, which has a high similar to heroin. The other ingredients toxicity is what causes the severe tissue damage.

Answered 12/4/2015


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The most dangerous: addicts pay dearly for krokodil’s cheap high. Wherever on the body a user injects the drug, blood vessels burst and surrounding tissue dies, sometimes falling off the bone in chunks. That side effect has earned krokodil its other nickname: the zombie drug. The typical life span of an addict is just two or three years. http://time.com/3398086/the-worlds-deadliest-drug-inside-a-krokodil-cookhouse

Answered 2/16/2017


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Synthetic Opiate: It is one of many synthetic opiates that have been used over the years that have had problematic side effects and did not make it into mainstream medicine. Recently it has been used as an illicit drug but because of some of the additives when "cooked" illicitly causes very nasty problems.

Answered 4/22/2017



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