A 34-year-old male asked:

How many joints are there in human body when he born ?

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Dr. Michael Michaels
Urology 55 years experience
Difficult to answer: A fetus has about 300 bones but by the time the baby is born,many of the bones have fused and so the number of joints decrease.It is not the same in every newborn baby.Some fuse after birth .The average adult has 206 bones. This is a strange question to be on HT!!! :)
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A member asked:

How many natural joints of the human body?

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Dr. Dimitri Novitzky
Thoracic Surgery 54 years experience
# of joints in H. bo: Based on the following gross, and very negotiable, rules: joints with little movement are ignored, e.g the sutures in the skull. anatomically different yet functionally co-dependent joints are taken as one, e.g the wrist and ankle are taken to be three joints on each side. individual variations are ignored and the most common variation chosen, e.g two 'floating' ribs. 170, if you include the ribs as well. Ignore the chest wall and you have 112. Skull: 3. Two temporomandibular and one occipito-cervical Spine: 24. From C1-2 to L5-S1. Ignorong the sacrum and coccyx. Pelvis:3. Two sacroiliac, one symphysis pubis. Forelimbs: 44. Twenty two on each side- sterno-clavicular, acromio-clavicular, scapulo-thoracic, shoulder, elbow, three in the wrist, fourteen in the hand. Hindlimb: 38. Nineteen on each side- hip, knee, three in the ankle complex, fourteen in the foot. Chest:68. Ten ribs with three each on each side- costo-transverse, costo-vertebral and costo-chondral. Two ribs on each side with two only.
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A 43-year-old member asked:

How many cavities are there in the human body?

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Dr. Thomas Yash
Dentistry 48 years experience
Strange question. : Depends what you mean by cavity. There dental caries or cavities caused by bacteria in the mouth. One could have none or many over a lifetime. There are body cavities or spaces that can contain organs to air. Cavity in skull holds your brain. Need clarification. Thanks.
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A 46-year-old male asked:
Body pain and joints are also paining. Have taken crocin but only it was for temperorily relief.
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A 43-year-old female asked about a 46-year-old male:
Have a fever and joint pains all over body what could this means?
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