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Constant muscle cramping and sometimes tingling and always feeling fatigued. i also am always suffering with painful headaches. help please?

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Dr. Warren Everett answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Need evaluation: Your doctor will want to know about your sleep pattern, weight change and appetite, and moods ( up or down). In addition you need to have a headache history to decide if the are tension, migraine or something more ominous. Blood test possibly could inform about the muscle cramps, but ideas that you have what causes them will also help. Treatment would include medications for your mood / headach

Answered 9/29/2016


Dr. Erin Robertson answered

Specializes in General Practice

That's a bit tricky: Your symptoms are present in many different kinds of conditions, ranging from relatively benign nutritional deficiencies to more concerning autoimmune or neurologic conditions. They may/may not represent different issues. The headaches could be from chronic sinusitis (given your allergies) but I would want to further evaluate you due to your "hormone imbalance." An in-person evaluation is advised

Answered 1/29/2015


Dr. Viren Sawant answered

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Arthralgias: should get a consultation from a neurologist and rheumatologist; your symptoms are non-specifc in order to give you an accurate diagnosis

Answered 9/16/2015



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