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I have pots syndrome & hypermobility syndrome. all of muscles are weak. i have trouble pooping, controlling my bladder and bowel. no doctor knows why.

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Dr. James Rochester answered

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Something missing: POTS and hypermobility synd should not cause probs with bowel/bladder control. Would start with seeing neurologist as the bowel/bladder problem could be sign of neurologic problem. Please see neurologist and explain exactly what you posted here. Testing and imaging in order to try and find proper diagnosis. Hope this was helpful. Best of luck. Dr R

Answered 8/3/2014



Try beta blockers: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) could cause all of the problems you note. Dr Fisher at Mayo and others think that beta blockers (used to control blood pressure and heart rate) may help. Why is a more difficult question, and I'm not aware of a definite explanation other than problems with the autonomic/involuntary nervous system balance.

Answered 10/18/2016


Dr. Laurence Badgley answered

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Dysautonomia: 18y fem has "Hypermobility Syndrome, weak muscles, POTS, difficulty controlling bladder/bowel". Autonomic nerves are tethered at vertebral foramina & subluxing joints, especially sacroiliac joints, impinge these nerves arousing neural stimuli of smooth muscles of arteries, intestine & bladder. Dysautonomic effects manifest as patient describes. Many of these patients go on to develop Fibromyalgia.

Answered 9/4/2015



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