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It's been suggested - not confirmed - that i may have gastritis. i have mild sob/wheezing-breathing, but with no other symptoms. think it's related?

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Dr. Tso Chen answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not related: It's unlikely for gastritis to cause the symptoms that you described. If you have reflux symptom and diagnosis of asthma, then it may cause wheezing and SOB. Ask your doctor for further testing.

Answered 7/15/2014


Dr. David Houghton answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

No: Gastritis is rarely associated with breathing trouble. Shortness of breath should always be evaluated by a healthcare provider

Answered 7/16/2014


Dr. Joseph Barr answered

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Not necessarily: If your wheezing is periodic and associated while sleeping it could be related to aspiration symptoms associated with reflux esophagitis. However wheezing as a symptom can be due to cardiac or pulmonary issues as well. My suggestion would be to follow up with a doctor who can determine the etiology of your shortness of breath and wheezing.

Answered 12/30/2014



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