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My mom is having a dry cough and feels like she has a cold, but it's allergies. she's taken a 24 hr allergy med. what should she do?

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Dr. Adil Roomi answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

Other meds: There are other medications that she may need to stabilize her allergy inducing cells in our immune system.

Answered 6/27/2014


Dr. Thi Hoang answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Post nasal drip: Nasal congestion often cause secretions to drip to the back of the throat and cause a cough. A steroid nasal spray can be very helpful. There is now an over-the-counter preparation. Smokers, however, need to be aware of undiagnosed emphysema and should seek a pulmonologist's advice in addition

Answered 10/23/2017



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