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I still have panic attacks and anxiety in my bedroom/house (my safe zones). do i need to get this under complete control before i face my agoraphobia problem? or will the outside exposure help both?

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Dr. Michael Welsh answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Any change helps: Any way you can push the boundaries of your safe zones, the more in control you have vs anxiety controlling you. You may benefit from contacting a psychologist of clinic that specializes in anxiety disorders. Help is available to not feel trapped.

Answered 2/3/2017


Dr. Marc Katz answered

Panic attacks and ag: Panic attacks and agoraphobia are related. When one, inaccurately, believes that a location was the cause of the panic attack, they will tend to avoid that location. It is this process that leads one to develop agoraphobia. Panic attacks are typically unrelated to the place in which the panic attacks occurred. I recommend behavior therapy to deal with the panic attacks.

Answered 9/25/2016



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