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Can ocd cause hypersomnia?

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Dr. Lynne Weixel answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Resource hogs: Emotional and mental disorders are the gas guzzlers of the body's systems. OCD can be one of the worst - so you might be generally exhausted. Also, if you (fortunately) don't suffer nightmares, sleep might be a refuge from the bullying that OCD can do. I'd prefer to phrase it that your response to OCD symptoms cause it - not OCD (as if IT was more than a diagnostic term.) A specialist CBT may help

Answered 5/15/2020


Dr. Ruth Seaman answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Not usually but..: OCD itself is not causally linked to hypersomnia (routine need for 12 hours or more of sleep per day). On the other hand, there are some rare hypersomnia illnesses which can have OCD symptoms. It might be worth seeing a sleep specialist.

Answered 4/3/2016


Dr. Andrew Kaplan answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Indirectly: As others have noted OCD itself is seldom a cause for hypersomnia. Anxiety disorders in general can lead to excessive sedation or low energy as a consequence of the mental effort/drain that accompanies them. As well, increased sleep can be seen as an avoidance strategy associated with anxiety.

Answered 10/27/2016



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