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How long it takes the partial molar pregnancy to develop into cancer?

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Dr. David Rizzieri answered

Specializes in Hematology and Oncology

It can vary: These type of neoplasms have a variable course and require close follow up with your doctor, typically with regular blood examinations after evacuation to ensure this regrowth or transformation is not occurring.

Answered 5/14/2014


Dr. Joseph Woods answered

Specializes in Pathology

Presents by 4-5 mos.: Molar pregnancies usually present with painless vaginal bleeding in the fourth to fifth month of pregnancy. The uterus may be larger than expected, and blood tests will show very high levels of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hcg). Treatment is by evacuating the uterus by uterine suction or curettage as soon as possible after diagnosis, to avoid choriocarcinoma. Prognosis is usually excellent.

Answered 6/24/2014


Dr. John Geisler answered

Specializes in Gynecologic Oncology

Molar pregnancy: Partial molar pregnancies rarely turn into gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (<5%). If it occurs it is usually within 1 year of the partial mole.

Answered 1/20/2013



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